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Troimeca-Medicatechnologie, expertise in the production of orthopedic ancillaries and implants

MEDICATECHOLOGIE is TROIMECA's sales office for the medical field.

It brings together a team of qualified employees.

MEDICATECHOLOGIE can meet your requirements at every stage of production in order to manage your projects from development-industrialization to delivery.

It is in a zero defect quality approach and in a continuous improvement process that the whole manufacturing chain is mastered. MEDICATECHNOLOGIE applies an industrialization process that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and 13485 standards.

All MEDICATECHNOLOGIE partners are qualified ISO13485.


Validated internal processes for medical application

- Turning (deep hole drilling-whirling)

- Turning Milling

- Wire cutting

- Implant ancillary cleaning (grey room)

- Passivation treatment

- Microblasting - Tribofinishing

- Laser marking



Validated external processes for medical application

- Heat treatment

- Laser welding

- Color coding (ceramic)

- Anodizing


Whatever your field of activity,

Industrial- Food- Aeronautics- Robotics- Nuclear- Medical.

TROIMECA-MEDICATECHNOLOGIE studies with you the constraints of your environment

to determine the precise parts to be produced.

  Focus on the production of orthopedic ancillaries and implants

The machining and turning of mechanical parts from the medical field such as pins, screws, implants and ancillaries, follow several steps in the manufacturing process of high precision parts:



Production management on order (very high reactivity)

  • Management of production on forecast (half-yearly / annual)
    . Packaging and storage of batches in a UV-free room. The storage space for high-precision parts is organized and labeled in a standardized manner, allowing for efficient and uncompromising management.
    . Traceability of manufactured batches