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Industrialization studies

In collaboration with your design office, Troimeca-Medicatechnologie analyses the specifications to determine together the best solution for industrialization. The specifications are reviewed in order to improve them with the objective of making the industrialization of the product possible. If necessary, Troimeca-Medicatechnologie will accompany you and advise you on alternative solutions that take into account the parameters of the project such as the cost of industrialization, the material or the final use of the part. Taking into account the complexity of the mechanical part and the possible customization, Troimeca-Medicatechnologie can assist you in the realization of the plans necessary to launch the production.

Production of the prototype...

Design and prototyping is a crucial step in moving from the idea to the project. Troimeca-Medicatechnologie can realize your prototypes in collaboration with your design office.

Machine adjustment                                             

Manufacture of the prototype

... to the series

Once the prototyping phase has been validated by your design office (FAI- PV CTRL) and the machine programs, production and inspection ranges have been validated by our staff, the series can be launched.

Series production
Processing and cleaning
Quality control
Parts storage/ delivery