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Surface treatment



  • Tribo-finishing - a process based on the natural phenomenon of water and sand friction that transforms stones into smooth and round surfaces. To achieve the polishing of mechanical parts, they are vibrated with abrasives in a water tank
  • Microblasting - an essential step in the industrial manufacture of mechanical parts. This treatment is used for pickling mechanical parts of all materials, or to achieve an aesthetic finish (satin - smooth) on stainless steel or non-ferrous metals such as aluminum or titanium.
  • Passivation - a treatment for aluminum or stainless steel that slows the rate of corrosion by applying a passive film.


Heat treatment is a set of industrial processes that consist in modifying the physical, mechanical and/or chemical properties of materials, mainly steels and metal alloys.

Anodizing is a surface treatment process that consists in creating a protective oxide layer on the surface of aluminum or titanium.

Paint for the final aspect of your parts.
Ceramic resin for medical application (ISO 13485 standard) for the color coding of products